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General travel conditions


By signing the standard contract - confirmation - travel application (hereinafter: Contract) with his signature on behalf of all passengers from the Agreement (hereinafter: A traveler) confirms that these General Terms and Conditions of Travel have been delivered to him or that he is familiar with them (hereinafter: General conditions), pre-prepared and published travel program (hereinafter: Program), that he, like all passengers from the contract, is familiar with them and fully accepts them, as well as that he is familiar with the optional payment options for travel insurance, baggage insurance and trip cancellation insurance. The provisions of these General Conditions form an integral part of the Agreement between the Traveler and ROYALTY OF BOSNIA DOO as the travel organizer (hereinafter: Organizer) and are binding for both contracting parties, except for provisions defined by a separate written contract or Program. Before concluding the Agreement, the Organizer can change the description of its services in the Program at any time. In the event of a difference in the Program between the Traveler's application and the Organizer's amended proposal, the new Program is considered a new proposal and binds the Organizer for the next 48 hours. If the Traveler does not notify the Organizer within the specified period that he does not accept the newly made Program - offer, the Agreement is considered terminated.


When booking a trip, the Traveler and the Organizer enter into a contract that is also a confirmation of the trip. For all trips organized by the Travel Organizer, the Traveler can make a travel reservation directly at the Organizer's offices or at other travel agencies that have concluded an intermediary agreement with the Travel Organizer (hereinafter: Subagent).

When making a reservation, the Traveler will receive a travel contract from the Travel Organizer or from the Subagent. When the Subagent in the Organizer's Program and the Agreement with the Traveler does not indicate his capacity as an intermediary, the Travel Organizer is not responsible for the execution of the Program towards the Traveler, but it is the obligation of the intermediary.

The reservation is valid and considered confirmed the moment the Traveler pays an advance payment of at least 30% of the total price of the arrangement (except for this provision, the advance payment for EARLY/EARLY BOOKING – PRE-SALE amounts to 50%). When paying an advance payment or the entire amount, the Traveler will receive a confirmation of payment.

The entire amount of the arrangement is paid no later than 25 days before the trip. In exceptional cases, the Travel Organizer has the right to request payment even before this deadline, or to shorten it. A reservation without an advance payment is not valid. If the payments are not made within the deadline, the Travel Organizer will consider that the travel participant has abandoned the arrangement.

Each advance payment is treated as a payment for all passengers, not just for one specific passenger from the Agreement. If the Agreement is canceled or amended, the cancellation provisions and amendments apply to all passengers listed in the Agreement. The date of payment to the Organizer's or Subagent's account is relevant for the timeliness of the payment. In case of untimely payment in full, advance payment or payment of the remaining part of the payment of the arrangement, the Travel Organizer may withdraw from the Agreement and request compensation in accordance with the cancellation policy of these General Terms and Conditions.

In order to confirm reservations for "Last Minute" offers, the Traveler is obliged to immediately pay the amount of the arrangement in full or ensure undisputed payment of the entire amount of the arrangement.

If he books a trip for a sports trip that also includes a ticket to a sports event, the Traveler is obliged to pay the price of the ticket in the amount specified by the Trip Organizer when booking the trip, in case he wants the Travel Organizer to provide a ticket for him. In the event that the Travel Organizer fails to provide the requested type of ticket for various reasons, the Traveler will accept any other higher quality ticket at a price up to a maximum of 100% higher than the price of the previously reserved ticket. In the event that the traveler does not pay the ticket when booking the trip, the Travel Organizer will consider that the Traveler has given up going to the sports event or has provided the ticket himself in another way, and thus the Travel Organizer's obligation to purchase the ticket ends.


The travel organizer has the right to collect expenses from the Traveler in the name of travel reservation, accommodation, plane, boat or bus ticket, ticket purchase or visa assistance.

The travel organizer is obliged to inform the Traveler about the content of the arrangement, i.e. about the travel program. The travel organizer reserves the right to, in exceptional circumstances:

  1. change travel itinerary, flight, airline as well as bus/plane type,
  2. change departure-departure location,
  3. move the departure-departure time

In case of changes and non-performance of services caused by force majeure (natural disasters, war, bombings, etc.), the travel organizer bears no responsibility and is not obliged to refund money for accommodation, air tickets, transfers, tickets and other tourist services. The travel organizer bears no responsibility if:

  • A traveler who has submitted documentation for a visa to the agency does not receive a visa for the country he is traveling to organized by the Travel Organizer
  • A traveler who submitted documentation for a visa and received a visa, but cancels the trip for any reason. The travel organizer is obliged to:
  • to include in the contract, in addition to the services from the Program, the special requests of the passengers with which only the Organizer has agreed,
  • to pay a proportionate and realistic difference between the contracted price and the price of the trip reduced in proportion to non-performance or incomplete performance of the Contract (hereinafter: Price reduction) due to a timely and well-founded written complaint - objection of the Traveler in accordance with the law and these General Terms and Conditions, unless the omissions are execution of the Contract, caused by the Traveler's fault or attributed to a third party who was not the contracted direct service provider in the implementation of the Program, due to force majeure or unforeseen events over which the Travel Organizer has no influence and whose consequences are unavoidable despite the application of due care or some other events that the Organizer could not anticipate and overcome,
  • to take care of the rights and interests of passengers in accordance with good business practices in this area,
  • to provide the Traveler with the name and telephone number of the local representative, i.e. the partner's local agency, and if there is none, the address and telephone number of the Organizer for necessary assistance to the Passenger before departure.

The travel organizer is not responsible for the services provided to the Traveler by other persons outside the Program. All oral and any other type of information, which differs from those contained in the Program, Contract or special contract and these General Terms and Conditions, do not bind the Organizer and cannot be the basis for raising objections or complaints from passengers.

Trips organized by other organizers/tour operators.

Where ROYALTY OF BOSNIA is an intermediary and not a Tour Operator, then the general terms and conditions of the responsible Tour Operator will apply, and such arrangements will be separately marked. In the event of a complaint by the Traveler about the quality of the service, the Travel Organizer is responsible, not the intermediary.


The passenger is obliged to:

  • To become familiar with the travel program and the General Travel Conditions in detail, like all persons from the Agreement, and to highlight special requests that are not included in the Travel Program,
  • When making a reservation, the travel organizer must provide accurate and complete information and documents necessary for organizing the trip and guarantee that he, his documents, luggage, etc. meet the conditions determined by the regulations of our, transit and destination countries (border, customs, sanitary, monetary and other regulations)
  • To pay the agreed price for the trip within the period specified in these General Travel Conditions,
  • To compensate for damage caused to direct service providers or third parties by violating legal and other regulations and these General Terms and Conditions,
  • That at least 24 hours before the trip, but not before 48 hours, the authorized representatives of the Travel Organizer are informed in detail about the time of departure and other details related to the trip,
  • To appoint another person to travel instead of him in a timely manner, to compensate the Organizer for the actual costs caused by the replacement and to be jointly and severally liable for the unpaid part of the contracted price,
  • To communicate a justified complaint on the spot without delay, as a rule, in writing to the Organizer or to the persons listed in the travel documentation,
  • That before concluding the contract, he should be informed in detail about the country he is traveling to for possible travel health insurance, visa regime, vaccinations, etc. It is recommended that the Traveler be informed about the country's culture and customs, gastronomy, climate, etc.
  • To be informed before concluding the contract through the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina (www.mvp.gov.ba) and in other ways about the countries of the so-called of high and moderate risk, and to be informed via the mentioned page about consular information, which contains, directly mentioned examples, about crisis situations in which the Embassy or Consulate can provide assistance.
  • To bring his personal documents with him on the trip with the required validity date for entering the country - the destination of the trip,
  • To use the seat reserved for him during the bus journey.

The traveler is obliged to behave decently during the trip and not endanger the implementation of the travel program and the safety of other passengers as well as representatives of the Travel Organizer. Otherwise, the Passenger will be removed from the trip and will be denied further use of the arrangement without the possibility of a subsequent refund.

All minors who wish to travel unaccompanied by a parent or guardian must present to the court a certified authorization from the parent or guardian that the minor can travel alone.


The prices are based on the travel organizer's business policy and are expressed in KM, and cannot be objected to by the Traveler. The prices listed in the Travel Organizer's programs are based on contracts with suppliers and do not have to correspond to the prices published on the spot at the destination where the Traveler is staying, and any price difference cannot be objected to.

The price from the Contract includes a pre-prepared and published combination of at least two or more of the following services of average quality usual for the given destination and facilities, namely: accommodation, food, transportation, preparation and organization of the trip, for which a single price has been agreed that the traveler pays (hereinafter text: Standard services).

Services performed abroad (which are not pre-arranged and paid for) are paid by the passenger on the spot to the immediate service provider.

The price of the arrangement does not include, unless otherwise stated, (hereinafter: Special contract), costs: airport and port taxis, services of a local tourist guide, representative of the organizer, tourist animator, optional excursions, use of sunbeds and umbrellas, obtaining visas, tickets to facilities and events, passenger and luggage insurance, room service, use of the room bar , air conditioning, recreational, medical, telephone and other services, reservation of a special seat in a means of transport, accommodation costs in a single room, rooms with special characteristics (view, floor, size, balcony, etc.), additional meals, etc. (below: Special services).

The Subagent is not authorized to contract special services on behalf of the Organizer that are not provided for in the Program.

The conditions related to discounts for children as well as other benefits that are specifically provided in the Program are determined by the direct service providers and should be interpreted restrictively (e.g. for children up to two years of age, the calendar date when the child turns two is relevant in relation to the day of the start of the trip, not the date of conclusion of the contract, nor the date of return from the trip). In the case of the wrongly stated age of the passenger, the Organizer has the right to charge the difference up to the correct price of the trip from the Passenger with an additional amount for manipulative costs.

They are not included in the price, and the Organizer cannot be responsible to the Traveler for optional and subsequently performed services, performed and charged for by a foreign partner, i.e., a direct service provider, which were not stipulated in the Special Agreement, as well as for the Passenger's participation in sports and other leisure activities .


The organizer may request an increase in the agreed price no later than 8 days before the start of the trip if, after the conclusion of the Agreement, there has been a change in the currency exchange rate or a change in the carrier's tariffs or a change in the amount/introduction of surcharges and in other cases provided for by law. An increase in the agreed price up to 10% does not require the consent of the passenger and is not a basis for terminating the Agreement. If the increase in the total contracted price exceeds 10%, the Traveler has the right to: request a replacement for a similar Program without extra charge from the Organizer's offer or can terminate the Agreement by means of a written notice without the obligation to compensate the Organizer, if no later than within 48 hours from the delivery of the written notification about the price increase , inform the Organizer. If the traveler does not notify the organizer in writing that he is withdrawing from the contract within the specified period, he will be considered to have agreed to the new price, which can also be through the payment made.

Subsequent price reductions of the Program cannot apply to already concluded Contracts and cannot be the basis of any complaint by the passenger towards the Organizer.


All services listed in the Travel Program include standard services of average quality, common and specific to certain destinations, places and facilities. In case the traveler wants to use some services outside the Program, he must conclude a Special Agreement. The organizer is not responsible for descriptions of services in catalogs - publications or on the web pages of Subagents, and direct service providers (eg hotels, carriers, etc.), unless the traveler has been expressly directed to them. The Organizer is only responsible for the descriptions of the services contained in its programs or on its website, with the fact that obvious typographical and calculation errors give the Organizer the right to challenge the Agreement.

Accommodation facilities and accommodation units, means of transport and other services are described according to the official categorization of the country at the time of publication of the Program, they are different and not comparable by destination, even within the same destination.

Nutrition, comfort and quality of service depend primarily on the price of the arrangement, the chosen destination and the categorization determined according to local and national regulations and are beyond the control and influence of the Organizer.

The start and end date of the trip determined by the Travel Program does not imply a full-day stay of the passenger in the accommodation facility, i.e. the destination. The time of departure or arrival of passengers and the entry or exit of passengers from accommodation facilities is conditioned by procedures at border crossings, road conditions, permits from competent authorities, technical and weather conditions or force majeure that may affect the departure time of aircraft and other means of transport that the Organizer cannot influence, and therefore the Organizer is not responsible for such cases. The first and last day of the Program are intended for travel and do not include a stay in a hotel or place of destination - they only indicate the calendar day of the start and end of the trip, so the Organizer is not responsible for evening, night or early morning flights, entering the room at late in the evening, leaving the hotel in the early morning and the like.

For air arrangements, the agreed travel start time is the passenger's meeting at the airport, which is at least 2 hours earlier than the first published departure time by the airline company. In the event of a postponement of the specified flight departure time, the Organizer bears no responsibility, but national and international air traffic regulations apply. As a rule, departure

- arrival, take-off - landing of the plane for charter flights is in the late evening or early morning and if the contracted initial or final meal is provided in the form of so-called of a "cold meal" outside or in the accommodation facility, or a meal served on the plane, the Agreement is considered to have been fully executed.

The service of a tourist guide, companion, local guide, animator or local representative does not imply their all-day and continuous presence, but only contact and necessary - necessary assistance to the Traveler according to pre-determined periods of periodic duty published on the notice board or in another suitable way. The instructions and instructions of the authorized representative of the Organizer (especially in relation to the time of departure, transportation, accommodation, legal and other regulations) are binding on the passenger, and non-compliance with the mentioned instructions constitutes a violation of the Agreement and all possible consequences and damage in such a case shall be borne by the Passenger in full.

The travel organizer provides a representative at the destination if this is provided for in the program, from the moment the passenger arrives at the airport of the travel destination or the bus arrival point. Representatives of travel organizers in Bosnia and Herzegovina are not obliged to see off passengers at the airport if the passengers have received the flight documentation within the prescribed period (airline tickets, vouchers, cover letters, etc.). be on the transfer to the hotel, provide information about the place of residence, and fulfill the obligation to organize the excursion.

Changes or deviations of individual services that are not caused by the will of the Organizer are allowed if they do not reflect negatively on the overall concept of the contracted trip. If, for the reasons stated, the flight or transportation needs to be moved to another airport or location, the Organizer shall bear all the costs of alternative transportation, at least in the amount of the 2nd class transportation ticket.

When a third party takes the place of a person who has booked a certain tourist service, the Organizer has the right to compensation for the incurred necessary costs of the change. The passenger and the person taking his place jointly agree to pay the agreed price and the costs of replacing the passenger. The organizer will not accept the replacement of passengers if the change is not timely, if there are special requirements in relation to the trip or if it is not in accordance with the law or other legal regulations.



Unless otherwise specifically agreed:

  • The passenger will be accommodated in any officially registered accommodation unit in the accommodation facility described in the Program, regardless of the passenger's characteristics, location and position of the facility, number of floors, proximity to noise, parking and other characteristics.
  • Accommodation of the Passenger in the facility is at the earliest from 4:00 p.m. on the day the service begins, and leaving the facility no later than 9:00 a.m. on the day the service ends. The traveler is not entitled to a refund due to arbitrary, i.e. occasional or premature departure from the accommodation facility caused by his own fault, neither for the price of hotel services, nor for the price of transportation,
  • Three-bed and four-bed accommodation units (rooms, studios, apartments, etc.) in accordance with the categorization and regulations of the country of residence are, as a rule, based on a standard double room with one or two extra beds, which are usually wooden or metal folding structures and which can significantly worsen the quality of accommodation,
  • The functioning of air conditioners in accommodation facilities varies by destination and facilities and does not imply continuous operation of the same 24 hours a day,
  • The Organizer is not liable to the Passenger for damage caused by his non-compliance with legal regulations, prescribed rules and customs established by carriers, hoteliers and other direct service providers.
  • If two or more people have booked a double or multi-bed room or a ship's cabin and the like together, and there is no third person who replaces one of them, the Organizer has the right to charge the full price of the accommodation unit.
  • After the start of the tourist trip, and due to sudden and justified reasons, the contracted accommodation can be replaced without the consent of the Traveler by accommodation in an object of the same or higher category in the contracted place of accommodation at the expense of the Organizer, and the accommodation in objects of a lower category can be carried out with the consent of the Traveler and refund of the difference the price includes keeping money, valuables and valuables, bringing food and drinks into the rooms, respect for order, accommodation and leaving the room at a certain time, the number of people in the room, etc.; because the Organizer is not responsible for damages caused on that basis.

The hotel or room whose pictures the Traveler saw in the catalog or on the Travel Organizer's website may differ from the real situation due to hotel renovations, the age of the picture, the shooting angle, hotel redecoration, and the like. The organizer is not bound by verbal information at the points of sale, which are not in accordance with the written travel program or deviate from the written travel program.


Unless otherwise specifically agreed:

  • The variety, quality of food and food service depends mainly on the price of the arrangement, the category of the facility, the destination and local customs, regardless of whether the service is self-service or served (menu).

implies services according to internal hotel rules and does not have to be identical even within the same category at the same destination.

  • Breakfast, unless otherwise indicated in the Program, includes a continental breakfast.
  • If the capacity occupancy in hotels is below 30%, it is possible that instead of self-service, the food service is served. Food conditions are identical in the accommodation facility, regardless of whether children, elderly persons or persons with special needs are traveling under the Agreement. In the event that the Traveler reaches a different agreement with the immediate food provider on the spot, the Organizer bears no responsibility for inadequately performed food service.


Unless otherwise specifically agreed:

  • Transportation and transfers are performed by standard tourist buses or other means according to the regulations and criteria valid in the country where the carrier engaged by the Organizer is registered and the regulations, principles and rules determined by the carrier are applied (e.g. transportation in any means of transport does not imply numbered seats, nor included meals and drinks during the trip, etc.). The passenger has the obligation to accept every seat offered in the means of transport.
  • The organizer has the right to hire all types of tourist buses for transportation that meet the conditions stipulated by the regulations (mini bus, bus or double decker), as well as other means of transport if the circumstances require it,
  • Toilets are not in use during the bus ride, unless it has been approved. The passenger is obliged to compensate on the spot for all damage caused by his negligence in the means of transport.
  • The passenger is obliged to behave appropriately in the means of transport and respect the traffic regulations and rules on the transport of passengers, otherwise the Organizer has the right not to accept him on the transport or in the presence of the police to remove him from the means of transport and further transport to the destination will not be the responsibility of the Organiser. If the Passenger is removed from the trip and the means of transportation due to inappropriate behavior, the paid funds will not be refunded.
  • The direction of travel, breaks, places and their duration are determined by the guide - driver. The guide - the driver has the right to, due to unforeseeable, unavoidable or security and similar circumstances, change the driving schedule, route itinerary, or the order of site visits.
  • Inconsistency of personal data given to the organizer with data in the Passenger's passport (names of passengers, etc.) may result in the issuance of a new plane ticket, with costs, or even declaring the ticket irregular, for which the Passenger bears the consequences.
  • Transportation of Passengers by air, rail, sea, river or lake means of transport is carried out and the direct responsibility of these carriers is determined in accordance with the regulations and customs that regulate the mentioned types of transport and are beyond the influence and responsibility of the Travel Organizer.

Transportation by air

The transportation of passengers by plane is regulated by international regulations on air traffic, as well as by the rules of the airlines hired by the Travel Organizer. For all flights on regular lines, it is understood that passengers are transported in economy class.

In the event of a postponement of the scheduled departure date by the airline, as well as a delay of the plane, the Travel Organizer is not responsible for any consequences caused by the delay, but valid regulations and notices in the field of air traffic are applied.

Inconsistency of the personal data submitted to the Travel Organizer with the information in the Passenger's passport (such as providing abbreviated names or nicknames by the passenger) often results in the need to issue a new airline ticket (with costs borne by the Passenger in that case) or even declaring the ticket invalid before or during the trip itself.

The passenger is responsible for his airline ticket and boarding pass from the moment he receives it by e-mail, from the guide at the airport or the Organizer's employee at the office. The passenger bears full responsibility for the loss or disappearance of the airline ticket during the trip.

Low-budget so-called Low cost airlines

The travel organizer is an intermediary in the sale of airline tickets. All rules on the use of airline tickets are made by the airline, and these rules must be respected by both the Organizer as a seller and the Passenger as a user.

WizzAir, Eurowings, EasyJet, FlyDubai, Pegasus Airlines and Vueling are the most famous low-cost airlines that fly from BiH and the region. Low-cost airlines have a restrictive policy on changing and canceling airline tickets. There is no possibility to change travel dates or cancel airline tickets free of charge. Unused airline tickets are non-refundable.

The travel organizer bears no responsibility in the event of a change of schedule or cancellation of flights by the airline company due to bad weather conditions (wind, fog, etc.) or force majeure (strikes, protests, riots...). Traveling with low-cost airlines carries a certain risk for the Passenger.

If the Passenger has purchased some other tourist services such as transfers, hotel accommodation, tickets to facilities of interest, etc. in addition to the low-budget airline ticket, the costs of canceling the use of those services in the event of a delay or cancellation of the low-budget airline flight will be borne by the Passenger. In the case of flight cancellations, low-cost airlines generally refund only the costs of airline tickets, but do not reimburse the costs of previously booked and paid tourist services such as hotel accommodation, transfers, visas, tickets, etc., but it is the cost of the Passenger.

WiFi internet

WiFi wireless internet service does not necessarily imply a good signal in the rooms and other parts of the hotel. There is a possibility that the signal will be satisfactory only in certain parts of the hotel, usually around the reception or in the bar. Also, the speed of the Internet service can be faster or slower depending on the technical equipment of the hotel. The label WiFi does not imply free use of the Internet service, but a method of using the Internet wirelessly.


Possession of valid travel documents is the sole responsibility of the Passenger.

All conditions published in the Program apply exclusively to citizens with travel documents of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The organizer is not responsible and is not obliged to inform travelers who are citizens of other countries about the conditions (visa, customs, health, etc.) that apply to the destination or transit country, but it is the duty of the foreign citizen to inform himself at the competent consulate and to provide the necessary conditions in a timely manner. and documents.

A passenger who got married and submitted a request to change her surname and BiH passport cannot travel with her old BiH passport because that passport was declared invalid after submitting the request for a surname change. More detailed information regarding Bosnia and Herzegovina travel documents is available on the website: https://www.iddeea.gov.ba/.

If the Passenger loses his travel documents or they are stolen during the trip, he is obliged to provide new ones in a timely manner at his own expense and bear all possible adverse consequences on that basis. The passenger is obliged to contract Special Services related to his religious preferences or health reasons, such as specific diet, characteristics of accommodation, etc. due to chronic illness, allergy, disability, etc. otherwise, the Organizer does not assume any special obligation, responsibility or damage on that basis.

For trips to countries where special rules apply, including mandatory vaccinations or the acquisition of certain documents, it is the responsibility of the traveler to perform the necessary vaccinations and provide appropriate certificates thereof, and in case of any consequences, he is responsible for the damage.

The traveler is obliged to strictly comply with the customs, foreign exchange and other regulations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the transit countries and the countries in which he is staying, and in the event of the impossibility of continuing the trip, i.e. staying and everything else, all consequences and costs are borne by the traveler himself.

The amount of money that the Traveler can take out of the country is prescribed by the Decision of the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina and other state institutions. For the travel of minors accompanied by relatives, friends and third parties, it is necessary to obtain a statement of parental consent certified by the competent municipality. If the trip cannot be carried out due to the Traveler's failure to comply with the provisions of this point, the provisions of the General Travel Conditions related to trip cancellation shall apply.


The travel organizer mediates in obtaining a visa for the countries to which ROYALTY OF BOSNIA DOO is organized and for which a visa is required. The fee for this service is determined in accordance with the costs of mediating and obtaining visas for each individual country.

A traveler traveling abroad must have a valid travel document, usually with a validity period of at least 6 months from the end of the trip, and submit to the organizer the correct and complete necessary data and documents for obtaining a visa, if the Organizer obtains one. The official of the Organizer's agency, nor of the Subagent, is not authorized to determine the validity of travel and other documents.

When the Organizer intervenes in the process of submission of documents, the Organizer does not guarantee obtaining a visa, or obtaining a visa within the deadline and does not bear any responsibility for incorrectness of travel and other documents or if the border authorities or immigration services do not approve the entry, transit or further stay of the Traveler.

When the Travel Organizer intervenes in the process of obtaining a visa, and has not received the necessary documentation within the stipulated period, it will be considered that the traveler has abandoned the trip. Even when the Traveler has obtained a visa (or visas) through the Travel Organizer, it is necessary to check whether the visa is entered in the passport and its validity when picking up the passport.


Transportation of passenger's luggage by air transport by classic airlines is free of charge up to a certain weight determined by the airline, usually 20 kg. Transportation of passenger's luggage on so-called flights. Low cost airlines are generally not included in the price and are paid separately when booking a trip.

The buses used by the tour organizer departing from Sarajevo are classified according to ROYALTY OF BOSNIA standards and the consumption of cigarettes is prohibited in them. Due to the limited space for luggage in buses, luggage transport is limited to 2 pieces per person. In addition, the Passenger can take hand luggage with him on the bus. Excess luggage is paid by the passenger according to the applicable prices of the carrier. Transportation of special luggage from the airport to the hotel and back is the sole responsibility of the Passenger.

The organizer bears no responsibility for destroyed, lost or stolen luggage.

All airports have special security rules regarding hand luggage. We recommend that Passengers get more information at Sarajevo International Airport or via the website www.sarajevo-airport.ba. Damage and loss of baggage on flights The passenger is obliged to report without delay on the spot to the competent airport service for lost baggage (Lost&Found), because airlines usually refuse to pay compensation if the damage report form is not filled out and submitted.

Children under the age of two are not entitled to free baggage. The passenger is obliged to take care of his belongings brought into the means of transport, to give or take over the luggage handed over to the authorized person of the carrier, or brought into the accommodation facility.

It is the passenger's responsibility to carry luggage from the parking place to the accommodation unit (transportation will be as close as possible to the accommodation facility). The Organizer is not responsible for the loss or damage of luggage during transport from the parking lot to the accommodation facility, as well as for forgotten items in the means of transport. The passenger obtains all his rights according to the above directly from the carrier, accommodation or insurance service provider and according to valid international and domestic regulations.

Except in the case of intent and gross negligence, the Organizer has no responsibility for luggage and items, which are not usually taken with them, except when they have expressly taken the items for safekeeping. That is why it is not recommended for the Traveler to take valuable items on the trip, and otherwise to hand them over properly for safekeeping or to take them with him.

It is the passenger's duty to visibly mark their luggage with personal information, and not to leave personal documents, belongings and valuables in the parked vehicle, as the Organizer is not responsible for their disappearance.

It is recommended that documents, gold, valuables, technical instruments and medications be carried exclusively in hand luggage. The passenger has the obligation to report the loss, damage or disappearance of luggage during the journey to the representative of the Organizer or the immediate provider of the service.


Before starting the trip:

The Organizer is obliged to inform the Traveler about any significant change in the Program in the manner in which the Agreement was concluded, no later than 5 days before the start of the trip, and the Traveler has a deadline of 48 hours from the day of receiving the notification about the change to respond to the Organizer whether he accepts it. Acceptance of the new offer can also be done through the payment of the newly agreed price. In the case of accepting a new offer, the Traveler has the right to a proportional price reduction in the event that the new offer is lower than the originally agreed upon, that is, he has the obligation to pay the price difference between the original and the new offer, if the offer is higher than the originally agreed upon.

If he does not accept any alternative offer from the Organizer, the Traveler has the right to a refund of the total price paid. The organizer has the right to terminate the Agreement in case of:

  • insufficient number of registered passengers, provided that the Traveler is informed about this no later than 5 days before the start of the tourist trip and
  • due to the impossibility of fulfilling contractual obligations for which the contracting parties are not responsible, and which, if they had existed at the time of the publication of the Program, would have been a justified reason for the Organizer not to publish the Program and not to conclude the Agreement, with the obligation to return the paid funds to the Traveler within 15 days at the latest on the day of termination.

If not specifically stated in the Program, in order for the trip to be carried out, the minimum number of registered passengers should be: for a bus trip 30 passengers, for a trip on regular airlines in Europe 20 passengers, for a trip on intercontinental airlines 15 passengers, for a trip on specially contracted air - charter lines, trains, hydrofoils, etc. at least 80% capacity occupancy per means of transport.

In case of acceptance of the new contract, the Traveler waives any claims against the Organizer based on the originally concluded Contract.

During the trip:

The organizer reserves the right to change the day or time of the trip, as well as the right to change the route of the trip and necessary changes to the Program if the conditions for the trip change (changed flight schedule, forced landing, failure of the means of transport, congestion at the borders or in traffic, closure of one of the locations intended for tour, changes in the visa regime, security situation, natural disasters or other extraordinary and objective circumstances and force majeure) without the obligation to pay damages or any other compensation to the passenger. In the mentioned cases, the Organizer bears the possible additional costs of changing the Program. In the event of a change in the program, the Organizer is obliged to inform the Traveler without delay in the most convenient way. The Organizer is released from the fulfillment of the Agreement if the Traveler interferes with the implementation of the trip due to rude and inappropriate behavior, regardless of the issued warning. In that case, the Traveler has the obligation to compensate the organizer for any damage caused.

In the event of the occurrence of extraordinary circumstances during the trip that could not be foreseen in advance, and which can be brought under force majeure (terrorist attacks, state of emergency, explosions, infections, epidemics and other diseases, natural disasters, climatic conditions, etc.), both the contracting parties have the right to terminate the Agreement, whereby the Organizer has the right to actual or incurred costs and the obligation to pay half of the Passenger's return transportation costs. The Organizer does not assume any responsibility if the Traveler refuses the offered return with the provided means of transport.


Before starting the trip:

The traveler has the right to cancel the trip, which he is obliged to inform the Organizer in writing. The date of written cancellation of the Agreement is the basis for calculating the compensation due to the Organizer, expressed as a percentage of the cancellation scale in relation to the total price of the trip, unless otherwise specified in the Travel Program, namely:

  • 45 days and longer cancellation fee in the amount of 40.00 KM,
  • 5% if the trip is canceled up to 45 days before the start of the trip,
  • 10 % if the trip is canceled from 44 to 30 days before the start of the trip,
  • 20 % if canceled 29 to 20 days before the start of the trip,
  • 40 % if canceled 19 to 15 days before the start of the trip,
  • 80 % if canceled 14 to 10 days before the start of the trip,
  • 90 % if canceled 9 to 6 days before the start of the trip,
  • 100 % if canceled 5 to 0 days before the start of the trip or during the trip. Exceptionally from the above, the following cancellation scale will be applied:
  • for ship cruises of less than 15 nights
  • 61 days and longer fee of 100.00 KM,
  • 25% from 60 to 31 days before the start of the trip,
  • 40% from 30 to 23 days before the start of the trip,
  • 60% from 22 to 16 days before the start of the trip,
  • 80% from 15 to 1 day before the start of the trip,
  • 100% if canceled 1 to 0 days before travel, no-show or cancellation during the trip
  • for ship cruises of more than 15 nights
  • 91 days and longer fee of 100.00 KM,
  • 25% from 90 to 61 days before the start of the trip,
  • 40% from 60 to 53 days before the start of the trip,
  • 60% from 52 to 36 days before the start of the trip,
  • 80% from 35 to 16 days before the start of the trip,
  • 100% if canceled 16 to 0 days before travel, no-show or cancellation during the trip
  • for intercontinental travel
  • 50% from the moment of contracting the arrangement until 31 days before the start of the trip (on behalf of the costs of issuing the air ticket and possible costs of cancellation of accommodation),
  • 80% from 30 days to 22 days before the start of the trip,
  • 100% if canceled 21 to 0 days before travel, no-show or cancellation en route

The cancellation scale does not apply to summer vacation reservations made under the early booking offer. Early (Early) booking implies special prices for accommodation, i.e. a complete package arrangement and cannot be subject to cancellation according to the above-mentioned scale. The total amount paid for the reservation will be charged for the cancellation of the arrangement paid for as part of the early booking offer.

The cancellation scale does not apply to ticket reservations for museums and sports, music and cultural events, visas, and legal and other obligations.

Changing the agreed place, date of travel, means of transport, accommodation facility, accommodation unit, failure to obtain a visa, non-payment of the agreed price, etc., is considered the cancellation of the trip by the passenger.

The traveler is obliged to compensate the Organizer only for actual, i.e. incurred costs (costs of transportation, transfer, accommodation, visas, tickets, travel organization, etc.), if the cancellation occurred due to:

  • Sudden illness of a passenger, spouse, child, parent, brother or sister of a passenger, adoptee and adopter, death of a passenger, spouse, child, parent, sibling of a passenger, adoptee and adopter,
  • Natural disasters or states of emergency officially declared by the competent authority of the country of travel. For the mentioned cases, the Traveler is obliged to provide the Organizer with proof of the rights from the health insurance based on temporary inability to work (certificate from the chosen doctor in the field of general medicine, i.e. the discharge list from the inpatient health institution which expressly confirms the sudden illness and inability to travel), i.e. the death certificate .

Cases of local terrorist attacks, explosions, infections, epidemics and other diseases, natural disasters, climatic conditions, etc., for which a state of emergency has not been declared by the competent state authorities of the domicile or the country of travel cannot be considered as justified reasons for the cancellation or interruption of the Traveler's trip. . Sudden illness means a sudden and unexpected illness diagnosed by an authorized doctor, i.e. an infectious disease or an organic disorder, which occurs after the conclusion of the travel contract and is not related to, nor is it a consequence of, any previous health condition, and is of such a nature that it requires treatment, stay in the hospital (hospitalization) and makes it impossible to start - using the contracted trip.

The travel organizer, in the event that the Traveler provides a suitable replacement or the Organizer himself performs the replacement, is obliged to return the paid funds to the Traveler in the total amount, after deducting only actual and incurred expenses.

In case of replacement of passengers, the Organizer will conclude a Travel Agreement with the new passenger. In the event of cancellation of a trip covered by an insurance policy, the Traveler exercises his right directly from the insurer. In case of withdrawal from the Agreement, the amount paid to the Organizer for mediation in obtaining visas, as well as paid legal and other obligations, will not be returned to the traveler.

AIR TICKET on charter flights or on regular lines is a REAL EXPENSE. Subject to the collection of all 100% costs regardless of the reason for cancellation and the method of purchase, i.e. whether it was purchased through a package deal or only air transport. Also, the actual cost is represented by fixed rental costs, bus/plane or ship tickets, manipulative costs of the Travel Organizer, purchased tickets or other types of services that cannot be refunded.

The money can be returned exclusively to the Traveler personally, or to the person who made the payment on behalf of the Traveler, to a current or foreign currency account, and after the prescribed procedure has been carried out.

After starting the trip:

If, due to the cancellation of the trip, the Traveler does not use some of the contracted services due to his own fault, the Organizer will try to obtain compensation for the unused services from his supplier. If the service provider does not return the money, the Traveler is not entitled to a refund of the corresponding part of the price of the unused trip.


Travel and health insurance is not included in the price of the arrangement. When selling a trip, the travel organizer is obliged to offer the Traveler health insurance during the trip. By accepting the travel contract, which constitutes these travel conditions, the customer confirms that he was offered a "package" of travel health insurance, an accident insurance package, a luggage insurance package and a travel cancellation insurance package. In case the Traveler requires the mentioned insurances, they can be contracted directly with one of the insurers or with the Travel Organizer, whereby the travel organizer participates only as an intermediary. By paying for the cancellation insurance policy, the Traveler transfers all his claims to the insurance company whose cancellation insurance policy he owns, and the Travel Organizer undertakes to provide the Traveler with all the documentation necessary for realizing the Traveler's claims against the insurance company, which relate to the arrangement. All insurance conditions are listed in the insurance policy, and we recommend that every traveler read them personally.


The traveler is obliged to communicate a justified objection without delay on the spot to the local representative of the Travel Organizer, and in urgent cases, if the latter is not immediately available, to the direct service provider (e.g. carrier, hotelier, etc.), or if these persons are not listed in the travel documents, directly to the Organizer . For help, emergencies and other cases, as well as complaints, the Traveler can contact the Organizer via a phone number available 24/7 +387 62 640 387 +387 62 035 825 or email: [email protected]

The traveler is obliged to cooperate in good faith and patiently wait for a time frame of 24-48 hours for the justified complaint to be removed on the spot (e.g. refrigerator failure, power or water outage, poorly cleaned apartment, etc.) and accept the offered solution that suits contracted service. If the cause of the complaint is not removed on the spot, the Traveler together with the representative of the Organizer or the direct provider of the services (accommodation, transportation and other services from the Program) draws up a written confirmation in two copies, which both parties draw up and sign. The passenger keeps one copy of this certificate.

If the cause of the complaint is removed on the spot, the Traveler is obliged to sign a confirmation of the same, otherwise, the fact that he continued to use an adequate alternative solution is considered that the Program has been completed in its entirety. Local representatives do not have the right to recognize any claims for compensation, but only the Travel Organizer.

The traveler cannot request a proportional reduction in the price, termination of the Agreement and compensation for damages if he negligently and in the prescribed manner fails to inform the authorized representative of the Organizer on the spot, without delay and in a timely manner, or in case of unavailability of the representative at the destination, directly to the Organizer about the deficiencies between the provided and contracted service. If the deficiencies are not eliminated on the spot, the Traveler is obliged to submit a substantiated and documented complaint (written complaint on the spot, invoices for paid expenses, request by type of services not performed, factually specified) within eight days from the day of the end of the trip, exclusively to the Travel Organizer and quantified in relation to each individual passenger, witnesses and other evidence) and requires the return of the price difference between contracted and unperformed or partially performed services.

Each passenger signing the contract in his own name and on behalf of the person from the contract or a person with a proper power of attorney for representation submits a complaint individually, because the Organizer will not consider group complaints. Complaints and other procedures can be submitted by the Traveler in writing at any office of the travel organizer, at the organizer's headquarters at Barska 59-I, Sarajevo, through an intermediary or to an e-mail address [email protected]

The organizer is obliged to process only timely, reasoned and documented complaints based on complaints made by the Passenger, whose cause could not be eliminated during the trip on the spot. The organizer is obliged to provide the traveler with a written answer within 15 days and to pay the difference in price, starting from the day of receipt of the formal complaint.

If the complaint is not complete and needs to be edited, the Organizer will provide the passenger with a response to edit it within the given deadline under the threat of failure. In accordance with good business practices, the organizer will respond to the passenger within the legal deadline even for untimely, unfounded or disorderly complaints.

The reduction of the price due to a passenger's complaint can only reach the amount of the advertised, but not performed part of the service, it cannot include services already used, nor reach the amount of the entire contracted price. The amount of compensation, which is paid upon a well-founded and timely complaint, is proportional to the degree of unperformed or partially performed service.

If the Traveler accepts the payment of compensation in the name of a proportional price reduction, or any other type of compensation, it is understood that he agrees with the Organizer's proposal for a peaceful settlement of the dispute, and in this way waives all further claims against the Organizer in connection with the disputed relationship, regardless of the fact whether he signed a written confirmation of the refund with a clause on the final resolution of mutual disputes.

It will be considered that the refund of the price difference to the Traveler has been made and an agreement reached with the Traveler in accordance with the law, these General Terms and Conditions and the General Terms and Conditions of UTABiH, when the Organizer has offered the Traveler a real price difference for inadequately provided services, in accordance with the price list of the direct service provider that was valid on the day of the conclusion of the travel contract, and other available evidence, and that the Organizer acted in accordance with positive regulations.

The Organizer is not responsible for omissions, i.e. for damage caused to the Traveler by direct service providers who respond in accordance with the regulations that apply to them, if the Organizer acted as a careful when choosing the persons who performed those services.

Any request by the Traveler to initiate proceedings before other persons before the expiration of the deadline for resolving complaints will be considered premature, and informing the public media and the media will be considered a violation of the Agreement.


Travel program at the request of the Passenger: Individual trip (hereinafter: Program on request) of the Traveler is a combination of two or more services, which is not in the Organizer's offer, that is, which the Organizer has not previously announced, but has created at the request of the Traveler. The provisions of the previous clauses of these General Terms and Conditions apply analogously to the Program upon request, unless otherwise regulated by this clause. If, at the request of the Traveler, several individual services from the Organizer's offer are combined and contracted (e.g. flight and round trip, etc.), the cancellation fee is calculated per individual service and added up at the end. The traveler has the right to withdraw from the Agreement, which he is obliged to inform the Organizer in writing. The date of written cancellation of the Agreement is the basis for calculating the compensation that belongs to the Organizer, expressed as a percentage in relation to the total price of the requested trip, if the Program does not specify otherwise, namely:

5% or at least 40.00 KM, if the trip is canceled up to 60 days before the start of the trip 15 % if the trip is canceled from 60 to 30 days before the start of the trip,

20 % if canceled 29 to 20 days before the start of the trip, 40 % if canceled 9 to 15 days before the start of the trip, 80 % if canceled 14 to 10 days before the start of the trip, 90 % if canceled 9 to 6 days before the start of the trip travel,

100 % if canceled 5 days before the start of the trip or during the trip.

Individual services and "Reservations on request":

If the Traveler reserves or contracts only one service, the Organizer acts only as an intermediary for another's service (hereinafter: Service broker). For individual and "reservations on request" the Traveler places a deposit, which cannot be less than 100.00 KM, towards the cost of the reservation. If the reservation is accepted by the Traveler, the deposit is included in the price of the service. If the Organizer does not confirm the reservation within the agreed period, the deposit is fully returned to the Traveler. If the Traveler does not accept the offered or confirmed reservation, which fully complies with the traveler's requirements, the Organizer retains the entire amount of the deposit. The organizer, except for gross carelessness and negligence, is not responsible for defects, material and physical damage in individual tourist services at the request of the traveler, for which he is only an intermediary between the traveler and the direct service providers (e.g. individual accommodation, transportation, tickets for sports events, excursions, car rental, etc.). By obtaining proof of the contracted individual service, the contractual relations come into force exclusively between the Traveler and each individual service provider.

The following cancellation scale applies to individual tourist services, unless otherwise agreed:

  1. for hotel accommodation:

45 days and longer cancellation fee in the amount of 100.00 KM until the 45th day before the start of the trip 10%

from the 44th to the 22nd day before the start of the journey 15%

from the 21st to the 9th day before the start of the trip 35% from the 8th day before the start of the trip 70%

from the 7th day to and after the start of use of the 100% from the price

  • for apartment rent per unit:

up to 45 days before the start of the trip 20%

from the 44th to the 30th day before the start of the trip 50%

from the 29th day before the start of the journey 70% i

from 15 days before and after the start of using the 100%

  • other individual services:

Reserved individual services such as tickets for concerts, opera, theater, balls, tickets / stamps for transport (e.g. metro, train, bus), ferry tickets, ski pass, sightseeing, museum tickets and individual transfers, etc. in case of possible cancellation, the Passenger will be charged costs equal to the price of each contracted individual service. With the contracted individual transport service, in case of timely cancellation, the Passenger is obliged to return already received tickets for scheduled flights, train tickets or ferry tickets, because otherwise the full prices must be charged. In the event that the Holiday Traveler has booked an apartment, the Organizer warns of the possibility that the lessor may ask for a suitable deposit for incidental expenses and possible damage upon handing over the apartment.


The personal data of the passenger, which he provides voluntarily, is a trade secret of the Organizer. The traveler agrees to provide personal data that the Organizer can use for the implementation of the contracted travel program, whereby the addresses, place, time and price of the trip and the names of fellow travelers cannot be communicated to other persons, except for persons designated by special regulations.

The Organizer reserves the right to use the Traveler's contact information for marketing purposes, in such a way as to directly contact and deliver the travel offer to the Traveler. If the Traveler does not agree with the use of personal data for receiving offers, he can inform the Travel Organizer about it, who will respect the Traveler's decision.


The travel organizer recommends the Traveler to purchase travel cancellation insurance in case of infection with the COVID-19 virus, as well as travel health insurance.

The travel organizer bears no responsibility if the Traveler cannot travel due to infection with the COVID-19 virus and does not have travel cancellation insurance. Insurance against travel cancellation due to infection with the COVID-19 virus can be purchased no later than 21 days before the scheduled departure of the trip.

A traveler who has paid for travel cancellation insurance due to infection with the COVID-19 virus, and who becomes infected with the COVID-19 virus before the trip, can realize his claims in terms of the refund of the money paid if he provides the travel organizer with a positive PCR test performed at the Europharm polyclinic or in another to the polyclinic recommended by the travel organizer, no earlier than 5 days before the planned departure for the trip. In that case, the Traveler will be refunded the total amount of money paid minus the amount of the insurance policy paid against travel cancellation due to infection with the COVID-19 virus and the possible cost of obtaining a visa (if a visa is required for the trip).

It is the Passenger's obligation to show officials all the necessary documents for travel, including, if requested, travel documents during the COVID-19 pandemic when registering for a flight or when leaving for a trip.


The travel organizer may, in the Program or in the Special Travel Conditions, foresee different provisions in relation to these General Conditions, due to the special conditions and rules of the direct service providers, as well as for trips with special contents (due to the holding of sports, congresses and similar international manifestations and special types of tourism - school , hunting and fishing, extreme sports, etc.) and which form an integral part of such contracts. The ineffectiveness of individual provisions of the Agreement does not result in the ineffectiveness of the entire Travel Agreement, which also applies to these General Terms and Conditions. In case of dispute, the court in Sarajevo is competent.

These General Terms and Conditions of Travel are valid from 01.01.2023 until the moment of public announcement of their termination or change.


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